Posing rules for model or photographer?

Everyone who shoot especially unexperience models probably find difficulties how to explain and get good poses. Sometimes it is even worse like lack of ideas of the photographer. It is also common situation when someone wanted to start doing portraits or scenic photos. I have tried to find some good resources on the net and this post is just about my results: model posing guides to download and print etc.

Posing tips and tricks for photographers

They are several good sites with posing tips for photographers of any level. Usually it is set of rules which is good to follow or at least perfect tips how to be aware of common mistakes. Unfortunately most of the good sites nowdays are paid or just a promo to book with this topic. Here is one free link with poses tricks I found very useful, free and with examples. Second part can be found here. Some other tips can be also find at photographycourse.net even not that detailed. Last article is more less for models to read. There are much more very similar, sometimes is just a copy of previous articles. I personaly like the freedigitalphotographytutorials.com one even I do not agree with everything written there. Last thing is small text from closed site nowdays however worth to read.

Posing tips and tricks for photographers

What I find very useful is to print/show pose figures or even whole photos to the model. It accelerate communication and you can get better result much faster. Especially with newbie models when you simply give them an option even to choice poses they like for beginning and then you can work on the others. Here are some poses guides which you can print easily, it is more than 400 poses all together for female and male models and for pairs. This resources I have found on the net, some of them such as “legendary” photocrack.com (site closed nowdays… yes again) I downloaded from internet archive.

Belive or not however there are not many free sites with such material. Most of them are simply promo to book or what ever paid site where you have no idea what are you going to get for your money. So enjoy and if you find more, please send me a link (post to discussion). Lets start here, more links bellow.

Click on links bellow to download…

poses tips model pose
1,378 poses for use on the iPhone or iPod Touch
Poses Tips PDF
New Pose
Model Pose Exe

Update: Posing Techniques Videos

Just few days after I made this post I got some infos about video tutorials of posing techniques and photographing model portfolios on youtube. Here are some interesting ones:

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