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Review: Canon Speedlite 470EX-AI flash

Before we get into this review of the Canon 470EX-AI speedlite (B&H / Amazon), I need to mention that I wanted this review video to be more than just a listing of the features of this flash. We therefore also delve into bounce flash technique. So there is something here even for those photographers who don’t shoot Canon, or have no real interest in getting this flash. So please do check the video out.

I was really curious to get to play with the Canon 470EX-AI speedlite (B&H / Amazon) for a review, and see just how well it works. If you’ve been following the Tangents blog, you will know the topic of bounce flash photography comes up often. It is an uncomplicated way to get really good light indoors, with the least effort. However, you need to be specific with your technique to get the best results. This topic is also thoroughly discussed in my books, On-Camera Flash, and Direction & Quality of Light.

What makes this flash unique, is the ‘AI’ portion – Artificial Intelligence. The flash has the capability to figure out what it thinks is the best bounce angle, or at the very least, automate the change in position in the flash head as you rotate your camera between vertical and horizontal orientation.  The video explains much of that, with with practical examples where I photographed a model, Anastasiya, in the studio.


Does the 470EX-AI’s intelligent bounce feature work?

Does the 470EX-AI’s intelligent bounce feature work? Kinda … I was prepared to be quite cynical about this flash, but it does implement the AI feature in a way that can be useful. Ultimately though, a photographer that is aware of the direction they want the light to come from, will always outsmart this flash.

The Canon 470EX-AI has 2 modes in how it handles the Intelligent bounce feature:
S – Semi – available for all Canon cameras, where the flash can swivel the head for you to keep the same angle, as you flip your camera from horizontal to vertical position.
F – Full – available on the most recent Canon cameras, where the flash sends out two pre-flashes to determine subject distance and ceiling height.

  • Check out to the compatibility chart to see how your camera interfaces with the Canon 470EX-AI.

The Semi mode will be useful for photographers who change the camera’s orientation often when they bounce flash. The Semi AI feature handles that very well (with the occasional mis-match, as seen in the video.)

Corrections to the video:
1.) At some point I misspoke in the video – I called it ‘Simple’ mode when the S really is for ‘Semi’.
2.) Where I mentioned the flash is ‘too high’, I meant the flash’s bounce angle is too high. The angle should have been lower, so that the light comes in at an angle where the eyes are better lit.




As I noted in the video review, I was pleasantly surprised by the Canon 470EX-AI  (B&H / Amazon). While the ‘Full AI’ setting has marginal usefulness in my opinion, the ‘Semi AI’ setting does make it easier to rotate the camera between vertical and horizontal orientations.

I would suggest the Canon 470EX for any Canon shooter that wants to move up from using the built-in pop-up flash to something more serious. This flash will help with that transition and help give much more pleasant light than hard, direct flash.

For professional use, I would strongly suggest something more powerful – the Canon 600EX II  (B&H / Amazon)

The 470EX doesn’t have as much power as the 600EX flash, and this becomes an issue when you are bouncing in larger areas or need a smaller aperture. Another advantage the 600EX has over the 470EX … the 470EX an only be used as a slave flash, and then only as an optical slave. There is no radio capability.

So here we have a really sweet flash, the Canon 470EX-AI  (B&H / Amazon). But for a slightly bigger investment, the  Canon 600EX II  (B&H / Amazon) makes a lot more sense.


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