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Photo gear for sale

It is time again to clear out the shelves in the studio, and sell various pieces of photo gear – cameras, lenses, flashes and a bunch of random stuff. Have a look around.

I’m only selling in the continental USA, and the shipping will be via UPS ground.



Sunbounce mini white / gold  3′ x 4′

Sunbounce mini bounce kit (white / gold) with shoulder bag  (B&H)

B&H price: $215
My price: $130  (shipping not included)

Re shipping: 
This item is long, so will cost a fair amount via UPS ground … so ideally, local pickup at my studio in northern NJ?



Profoto RFi 48″ softbox softgrid

Profoto 50 Degree Softgrid for 4′ RFi Softbox  (B&H)
Opened, but unused. This is in excellent condition.
B&H price: $356
My price: $200   (including shipping via USPS ground to CONUS.)



Westcott Bruce Dorn Asymmetrical Strip Bank – 18 x 42″ (46 x 107 cm)

There is a used copy selling on B&H for $199.
I would like $150 for this.

It is a brilliant design to a rectangular softbox, tapering off toward the bottom end, giving a natural light fall-off.  I just don’t have the space in the studio.

The rods tend to bend a bit with the speed-ring. It happens.



Blow-it fan — for free. Just come pick it up.



Manfrotto Snake Arm

The Manfrotto Snake Arm (B&H / Amazon) is a flexible arm, and pivot in all kinds of bendy ways to mount studio gear.
B&H price is $162.
My price is $100



Custom Brakets Pro-M rotating flash bracket

Pro-M rotating flash bracket (B&H)
B&H price is $342
My price is $200
It is in excellent condition, and hasn’t seen much use. Perfect if you are doing event work, and want to avoid that dreaded sideways flash shadow.



Westcott Drop-X frame and two backgrounds. 

$70 for me to mail this to you.  $50 if you pick it up from my studio in Little Falls, NJ.
It is clean and in superb condition – I just don’t want this anymore.

Here is the B&H link to one of the kits:



ioShutter remote release. 

This works for Nikon DSLRs, and if your mobile phone has an audio jack.
Free to pick up from me.



Canon OC-E3 TTL cord

Canon OC-E3 TTL cord (B&H) — $70.  My price $45



Yongnuo YN622N Transmitter for Nikon. 

They sell for $38 each on B&H …. $40 for the two of them, and they are yours. I used them once only.



VCT-288 video monopod

This is unused. (The box was banged up a little bit in the mail to me.)  $50 and it is yours.



Lowel i-D light

You know how much I love using video lights, but now with me using the modeling light of the Profoto B1 as my video light, it is time to let this beastie go – the Lowel ID-light.

The light itself sells for $229 on B&H, and the accessories of course add to it – the big battery, the handle, and the barn doors set. You need all of that!


My price:  $230 (or best offer) for the set  + $25 to ship via UPS ground to CONUS.
If you want, then I can add this Lowepro bag with it for a total of $250.

But I am open to negotiation on this one.



Profoto charger 2-A

Profoto charger 2-A

I’d like $195 for this item, or best offer.



Pico table-top dolly kit

Pico table-top dolly kit

This sells for $99 on Amazon.  I would like $50 for it. It’s cute. It works.



Photo gear that has been sold


Lastolite monopod

Lastolite 91″ monopod 

This thing is really tall! I have the Gitzo that I use now, so this is superfluous for me at the moment.

Amazon price is $90  —- I would like $60 for this, including shipping.


Canon CP-E3 battery pack

Canon CP-E3 battery pack

Canon CP-E3 battery pack —- My price:  $90


Canon 580EX II speedlite

Canon 580EX II flash – with the mod for the Pocketwizard TT1 / TT5

Canon 580EX II speedlight – this one had the mod done that avoids the radio-frequency interference that messes with the PocketWizard TT1 and TT5 transmitters.

My price:  $180 (incl UPS shipping)




Orbis ring flash

Orbis ring flash & mounting bracket

$40 for the set. $30 if you pick it up at my studio.


Novoflex adapter for Nikon to Canon


Novoflex adapter – Nikon to Canon EOS mount

Novoflex adapter – Nikon to Canon EOS mount  – $100 This adapts Nikon lens mount for Canon bodies. It sells for $227 on Amazon.  I would like $80 for this.


Lower Lens Trekker camera bag


LowePro Lens Trekker 600 AW III 

The LowePro Lens Trekker 600 AW III (B&H link) backpack is designed for those huge lenses. I bought it to use for my portable time-lapse setup, and then my adventure in Italy happened, and carrying weight on my shoulder for long distances isn’t something I can comfortably do any more. So it sadly needs to go.  I have used it once only. It is in perfect condition.

B&H price: $200 My  price:  $140 via UPS, or $110 picked up at my studio.




Nikon SD-9 battery pack

Nikon SD-9 battery packs

With the high-ISO noise capability of the Nikon D5 and the fast recycling of the Profoto A1 flashes, I don’t need these anymore. Nikon SD-9 (B&H) — $200 each.  My price $100 each. I have two spare MS-SD9 battery holders. (B&H) — $60.  My price $20. I also have a spare SS-SD9 case.  Come pick up if you want. Or $10 for shipping.


Elinchrom deflector set

Elinchrom deflector set

Elinchrom deflector set  – it sells for $36 at B&H, and I would like $20 for it just to cover postage. It is unused, except for the once I tried it out in the studio. Someone told me it would work well with the Profoto heads, and help with diffusion … but, yeah, not really.

If you use Elinchrom, and live close to me in Wayne, NJ, then come pick it up for free.


Nikon 200-500mm f/5.6 VR


Nikon 200-500mm f/5.6 VR

This lens was used once. I wish I could keep it, but I just can’t justify it at the moment. I would like $1,100 for it, including UPS shipping.

It has always had the filter on the front – so the front lens element is mint. The filter is included.

Here are the B&H and Amazon affiliate links if you really need to see spec:  Nikon 200-500mm f/5.6E VR  (B&H / Amazon)



Pocketwizard TT5 controllers


PocketWizard TT5 & AC3 for Nikon

PocketWizard AC3 Zone Controller (B&H)  $167 PocketWizard FlexTT5 transceiver (B&H)  $69 They have been used a lot, so cosmetically they show some wear and tear. But they are fully functional. I would like to sell these as two sets of (2x) TT5 + (1x) AC3. B&H price: $403 (per set) My price:  $150 (per set)


Pocketwizard Plus II units


PocketWizard Plus II

There were 9, but 3 have been sold.

They have been used a lot, so cosmetically they show some wear and tear. But they are fully functional. No boxes or cables. Some have the strap, some don’t. I would like to sell these at $40 each.

Then I have a bunch of cables for the Pocketwizards to connect them to other flash systems. I am at a loss how much to charge for these. $10 for any two cables? Pick what you need and make me a realistic offer.

These are the Paramount cables. Nice quality with a screw-in PC tip.

This is to connect a Pocketwizard to a Nikon camera that can take the 10-pin connector.  $20 for this one.


Lowel GL-1


Lowel GL-1  LED light

Lowel GL-1 (B&H)  $545 – this is a powerful LED light with an ergonomic grip. This comes in a handy carry case, with an extra battery and the Tiffen 82mm 80B Color Conversion Filter to convert it to Daylight WB. The price for an extra battery is $140 on B&H, and the filter is $63 on B&H

My price:  $500 for the entire kit.  It’s a deal!



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