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We have work to do, and art to create

A quiet word to my photographer friends. I’m in various photography groups and forums, and I see a strong tendency in the more technical forums to whine about the specs of current cameras, or to bitch to-and-fro, disparaging others or other brands.

My feelings about that:
We should always keep in mind that our photography heroes of previous eras created masterpieces with cameras less advanced than we have now. For me, Richard Avedon immediately comes to mind. There are many others.
So if you feel you’re being held back by the camera you have, consider whether you’ve reached that stratosphere yet.

In the meantime, we all have work to do and art to create. ***


The most recent I saw was someone complaining that the Fuji X-T2 doesn’t have built-in stabilization, and that it might be something that Fuji might incorporate in future cameras. My immediate reaction was, “where there any photographs you hadn’t been able to take with that Fuji X-T2?”

If you regularly post on FB groups how Nikon or Canon have “forgotten about photographers” because they haven’t yet embraced mirrorless cameras, then I have to wonder again – what photographs have you missed out on with your Nikon or Canon that you would’ve gotten with a Sony or Fuji camera? Enough with the whining and negativity!

Similarly, when you start comparing the figures on the spec sheets of various cameras, and see that your camera doesn’t have 693 focus points … well, what photographs have you missed out with your current camera?

Spend less time arguing and whining on FB groups, and use that time creatively!


*** Now of course, I have to qualify what I mean

A topic that I’ve touched on several times, is that the camera does indeed matter.

Therefore my statements at the top of the article might seen disingenuous, since I will be the first to say that we should use photo gear that enables us as photographers. Currently I shoot with the Nikon D5 and D810 amongst other. I also use the f/2.8 zooms and the f/1.4 range of primes. I should add that I’ve been tempted by the Sony A9 for the silent shutter mode – perfect for corporate events and wedding ceremonies.



My point is – use what have. Truly use what you have to the limit of its capabilities. If you feel your gear holds you back, please do upgrade. But for the love of photography, don’t get involved with to-and-fro nowhere debates about the minutia of the technical aspects of camera gear. Use that time and energy to create!


About the main photo above

The photo at the top is a B&W version of one of the images I took of a model, Bethany.

Technical details are explained here: Multiple off-camera flash – gelling your flash for effect.  And yes, that linked article is about gelling your flash, however, the photographs work really well in B&W as well.


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